I am Justin Vicory, candidate for Arvada City Council District 3. Having spent nearly my entire life on the Front Range, I see the greatness that the city of Arvada has to offer all those that live here. It is a city that feels small, close, and comfortable. A city with a common sense of community. Arvada offers all of us a small city feel with a proximity to the larger city offerings of Denver that is hard to beat.


My goal as the future representative for District 3 to the Arvada City Council is to continue looking at the detailed approach to projects that most impact the people of Arvada, not only today but well into the future. Looking at tomorrow for myself is one thing, but looking at the tomorrow that Arvada offers my 4 children is another. I look forward to serving as your representative.


Thank you - Justin Vicory :: City Council Candidate, Arvada District 3,

District 3: Gold Line


The rush has already begun for Arvada's south border as the Gold Line Corridor is underway. Some fun facts about the Gold Line....


- 11.2 mile electric commuter rail

- Eight stations on line, including Olde Town Arvada, Arvada Ridge, and the end of the line at Ward Road.

- Scheduled to be open 2016


To see what's new with the Gold Line, CLICK HERE

To do business with the Gold Line, CLICK HERE

District 3 : Where You Are


Most of Arvada District 3 is set on the south central border of the city of Arvada.


Click on the map below to go to the City of Arvada website and see the full map of where District 3 actually is!

Developing the Future


History is a wonderful guide to our future, however the story of tomorrow is not written by the past. As Arvada continues to grow the needs of the city change. Redevelopment requires critical thinking and decision making on impacts of today and tomorrow. The "Triangle" is one such area of redevelopment. Click the map to see more.

Hot Topics


Ralston Creek "Walmart" redevelopment in Arvada, Colorado

On July 15th, 2013 the Arvada City Council voted to move forward with the Ralston Creek (Triangle) Walmart redevelopment on the south side of Ralston Road and east of Independence. This issue has come with much negative publicity, as seems to be the case anytime Walmart decides to move into an area. READ MORE>>>



Ralston Creek "High Density Housing" redevelopment in Arvada, Colorado

The second major issue that has been presented to me while trying to gain support as the next District 3 representative to the Arvada City Council is the possibility of high density housing within the new Ralston Creek redevelopment area. When considering this issue it is important to look at proposed plans from AURA to see what possibilities they are attempting to create. READ MORE >>>


Development Principles

On nearly all fronts the single biggest issue presented to me during my campaign has been centered around future development and redevelopment issues. For this reason I would like to share the order of priorities I see for development issues within the city of Arvada. READ MORE>>>








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